Lest we Forget

When we, as private citizens, see footage of the World Wars on TV or in movies, we see grainy, black and white images. In museums we see relics of a world we’ll never know and can’t possibly understand.

Yet, when you hear veterans past and present speak and they recall memories of their past, they see those memories as vividly as they see the sunset this evening. The gunfire, the explosions, the chaos, they were there, they saw it. What we can only imagine through old footage, they lived through.

They fought, they served and they worked to survive through the very worst humanity could conjure up. Today we pay tribute and show our respect to the men and women that fought and sacrificed in wars and conflicts past and to those who continue to do so on behalf of our great country and it’s people.

Thank-You for all you have done.

Lest we Forget.

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